Bujinkan Chi Ryu Dojo


(canton) Canton Community HUB : Leckwith Rd, Cardiff CF11 8HP

(pontypridd) EGH Judo Dojo : Rickards Street,, Graig, Pontypridd CF37 1RD

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how do i grade?

unlike a lot of martial arts, our grading system doesn't have a lot of different colour belts. there only 3 different belts in the bujinkan, white, green  (kyu grade for men) or red (kyu grade for women) and finally, black. the levels in between are shown in the form of badges and stars. these are listed below. For the childrens classes there is a mon grade syllabi which leads in to the Kyu grade system.

Who can attend?

we are open to anyone over the age of 13 for the adult classes, the childrens classes are from 6-12 years old. the classes are mixed sex and any fitness levels welcome. you don't have to have any experience of martial arts to join.


What do i bring?

What to wear is up to you, however we would always recomend loose, comfortable clothing. other than that the only thing you need to bring is yourself and an open mind.

When are the classes?

Canton community centre

​Mondays - 6-7:30 pm

pontypridd EGH Dojo

Tuesdays - 6-8 PM