Chi Ryu Combat  Taijutsu

​​​​"I love the fact that in the bujinkan we have no rules. i find taijutsu has infinite applications not just as a martial art but as a way of life. there is true philosophy in what we practise, it's not just about fighting if anything it can be quite the opposite at Times"

about the instructor.

Shihan owen percy

owen started training in taijutsu when he was 6 years old. Having done many other forms of martial arts such as judo, kung fu, silat and aikido. Owen found himself always coming back to the bujinkan, as he found most other forms too sporting. Although he understands there are great lessons in sporting styles to be learned and they have influenced his teaching style greatly.

Having trained in taijutsu for over 30 years,he is a regular visitor to japan and trains under the tutelage of grand master (soke) Masaaki Hatsumi.
owen has been teaching taijutsu since 2010 and is proud to pass on the knowledge he has learned over the years.

Owen was awarded his 10th dan by Soke in september 2017

about the class.

since the opening of his club, we have gone from strength to strength.

we have hosted many seminars with some of the most respected instructors in taijutsu. we hold regular class events and offer a range of services such as private group sessions, 1 - 2 - 1 teaching, demonstrations and opportunities to train home and abroad with some of the top instructors in the field.

within the dojo, all levels are encouraged to train together. 

Our classes are assisted by a number of senior students who all bring their individual learning styles to the table, contributing to an informative and open learning experience.

we teACH CHILDREN'S CLASSES FROM 6 - 12 YEARS OLS AND THE adult classes sre from 13 years and up. children's classes are 1 hour long which is taken along side the adult  class.